Am I in Kansas yet?

March 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Sometimes I wake up and wonder, where am I? Where does this road lead to and where the hell am I going? This road I’m on called Avenue of the Earths— don’t know if I am the human or the Alien. It feels vaguely familiar but then again so surreal. I think I’m in Kansas, but everyone is speaking a different language. Blogs, posts, tweets, RSS feeds (do birds eat that), stumbleupon, diggus, discusus, forsquare— shit I thought that started Gettysburg address— Oh I’m so confused! Everybody in this new world is an “expert,” “author,” “publisher,” “reporter,” “songwriter,” “creative genius,” etc., etc. And the sad thing is if I don’t blog, publish, report, author or express my “expert opinion,” I get so lost by waves of noise and technology that I become obsolete. I wonder what my peers are doing about all this— some of the greatest minds in the advertising industry, people who have done breakthrough creative, work that is alive from the neck up, zig not zag, take a risk, be accountable, buck conventional wisdom, strike a cord, YES A HUMAN CORD (boy that sounds good, HUUUUMANNNN CORD), not a wavelength, sound bite, blurb, blob, or viral hiccup, — a good ole fashioned “visceral,” “take your time to bake,” “penetrate from the inside out”, “warm and fuzzy”, “move me” cord! What is happening to us? Oh don’t get me wrong, I kind of dig this technology thing— so many cool stories, so many paths to choose from, so many opportunities to connect, reach out and be heard, seen or even swallowed— kind of like “The Who” “See Me,” “Touch Me,” “Feel Me,” “Hear Me,”— all of the senses at the touch of a keyboard or touch screen— yes, all very cool things, but don’t people think anymore? Are we all so smitten by the “stuff” that we forgot the basics of what’s between you and me—and that human emotion that needs to be feed, nurtured and celebrated? Do you remember your first kiss? How did that feel? Any touch screens around? And would I want to broadcast it or cherish it?

Has anyone seen my red slippers?


Just testing. And the site is live!

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

New Englanders- don’t you love rapid weather changes? No? Me neither.

This is Danielle. I’m just testing the guest contributer function, and making sure those nifty little icons to your right do their job – which is to link to our facebook page, our twitter, and our youtube. They appear to be behaving, so onto the important news – our new website at is LIVE!

The launch was rather delayed, due to some difficult technical issues. Everything is shiny and working now. Lots of big pictures to look at (and click through to view more) and projects to read about. We’ve enabled commenting through disqus. Discussion is encouraged. Spam is most certainly not.

Take a look. Tell us what you think.

Hatch Awards

October 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

The other night I attended 50 years of Hatch. I hadn’t been in a number of years because my last experience wasn’t that good. No, I’m not talking about winning (didn’t) but it was how I felt. Totally out of place! Not only did I feel old (because I am) but something was missing. Something so intrinsic about the show, the people, the work, the atmosphere. I viewed the entries like always, being inspired and awed at the same time. I ran into people I hadn’t seen in a while, which is what you do at Hatch.

But when the lights went dim, and the sea of humanity absent-mindedly found their seats something was missing. What I came to realize was the constant buzz that was the backdrop of the show were actually human voices. This was no longer Hatch! I had been whirled into a dimension I was unfamiliar with. THIS was a social scene and not only wasn’t I part of the party, I didn’t want to be at this party. Wasn’t I at HATCH? What happened to the work? What happened to the FOCUS being “all about the work?” For God’s sake, I couldn’t even hear the MC through the constant buzz of “something else”.

I started to think of what Hatch used to be. The invitations (still remember that one by Cheryl Heller), the work by Mary More, Craig Walker, Ray Welch, Jon Goward, Ron Lawner, Silverman, Doyle and on and on and on! The greats, the minds, the wits. The anticipation, the pit in your stomach the anxiousness, the nervousness, the thrill of hearing your name, walking up on stage, holding your bowls and screaming at the top of your lungs (to yourself). For one glorious night, for all the late nights, the sweat, the commitment, the disappointment, the baby steps, the “big idea” the PLEASURE, for one glorious night it was HATCH!  It was a night when we celebrated the WORK. Period. End of Story. It was all about the WORK.

The other night I went to HATCH. 50 years of Hatch. The old timers, the memories, the bad jokes it was all about the work. 50 years of great work. 5o years. Didn’t take a wrong turn, didn’t end up in the wrong place or wrong dimension. It was HATCH. HATCH was back. I was back. AND IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE WORK!!! And you know what, I can’t wait for next year. Because what HATCH did for me was inspire me. You inspired me. To get up when I fall, to try again, to shoot for the stars, to be great. Until next year.

About Us

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We are a brand strategy and creative consultancy firm assisting clients in defining or redefining their brand promise. By applying the principles of branding and marketing we create integrated programs to inspire employees and motivate customers. Our systemic approach ensures consistency of message from social media to traditional advertising.

Kaminsky Strategik Design is in the midst of transitioning to Kaminsky Brand Group. Our website should be up and running shortly, but until then, you can see what we are up to on our twitter and facebook fan page.

Multiple authors from Kaminsky will be contributing to this blog – whether we are updating you on site progress, a new project, photos from our flickr, or general design discussion.


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This is our first time on WordPress, forgive the mess. The page will be updated in bits and pieces.

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