hey hockey fans, what are your dreams? are they 24/7?

February 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

The winter Classic. Brilliant piece of PR— big idea. Best thing for hockey since the Zamboni. Now add to it this incredible dimensional piece of editorial insight and we’ve got something really special. Where does the average fan get to see such an in-depth, behind the scenes look at their favorite team and or players. How cool is that— even if you aren’t a “fan groupie.” The editorial documentary style is so well done, so authentic it gives such insight on a little seen light, a glimpse of player that normally you would never see or know. What they’re like (well almost), completely uninhibited, under the helmet and behind the mask. I particularly liked the locker room scenes, the banter, the chatter, the camaraderie. It really is, “For the Love of the Game.” These guys are just like you and me— that’s what makes it so special. We can connect with them on such a visceral level. No arrogance, no real egos, just a bunch of guys playing a sport they love. So where do we go from here— how can we make it better? For one, I think its major limitation is only two teams. And if you don’t live in, or are from that city, don’t like, or root for that team, is there anything really for you to watch? Am I to believe that there’s so many altruistic hockey fans out there that everyone will want to watch? I think it would be very cool to do the “Road to the Stanley Cup.” Let’s get a 24/7 perspective on what they’re really playing for. Let’s broaden the playing field. Let’s expand on a good idea, open it up to eight cities or even sixteen. Let’s get all the playoff teams involved. Let’s live the pressure with them. Their reactions, their drive, their adversity, their victories and defeats. Let’s see the pressure build as they climb the ladder of their dreams to the coveted cup. That silver bowl from back in the 1800’s— to lift it, to hold it, to embrace it, to engrave it. It’s what dreams are made of. It’s what we all can relate to when we were young and full of piss and vinegar. Ready to take the world by storm. To dream, to hope, to reach for… something, anything important or special. We can all relate because didn’t we all dream of hitting one out, in the bottom of the ninth, down by three with the bases loaded? Don’t we all have that one dream, that we played over and over in our heads? To be that character in the movie, to be the one who became charmed— if only for a minute? Cmon, we all had a dream. So what’s your thought? What can we do with 24/7? What can you do with 24/7?— Start the conversation, or at least the dream.


Am I in Kansas yet?

March 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Sometimes I wake up and wonder, where am I? Where does this road lead to and where the hell am I going? This road I’m on called Avenue of the Earths— don’t know if I am the human or the Alien. It feels vaguely familiar but then again so surreal. I think I’m in Kansas, but everyone is speaking a different language. Blogs, posts, tweets, RSS feeds (do birds eat that), stumbleupon, diggus, discusus, forsquare— shit I thought that started Gettysburg address— Oh I’m so confused! Everybody in this new world is an “expert,” “author,” “publisher,” “reporter,” “songwriter,” “creative genius,” etc., etc. And the sad thing is if I don’t blog, publish, report, author or express my “expert opinion,” I get so lost by waves of noise and technology that I become obsolete. I wonder what my peers are doing about all this— some of the greatest minds in the advertising industry, people who have done breakthrough creative, work that is alive from the neck up, zig not zag, take a risk, be accountable, buck conventional wisdom, strike a cord, YES A HUMAN CORD (boy that sounds good, HUUUUMANNNN CORD), not a wavelength, sound bite, blurb, blob, or viral hiccup, — a good ole fashioned “visceral,” “take your time to bake,” “penetrate from the inside out”, “warm and fuzzy”, “move me” cord! What is happening to us? Oh don’t get me wrong, I kind of dig this technology thing— so many cool stories, so many paths to choose from, so many opportunities to connect, reach out and be heard, seen or even swallowed— kind of like “The Who” “See Me,” “Touch Me,” “Feel Me,” “Hear Me,”— all of the senses at the touch of a keyboard or touch screen— yes, all very cool things, but don’t people think anymore? Are we all so smitten by the “stuff” that we forgot the basics of what’s between you and me—and that human emotion that needs to be feed, nurtured and celebrated? Do you remember your first kiss? How did that feel? Any touch screens around? And would I want to broadcast it or cherish it?

Has anyone seen my red slippers?

Where Am I?

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