Has disruptive advertising gone too far?

February 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

I love advertising. I love design. I love everything about marketing and branding and I think there’s a ton of great stuff out there. But I want to focus on “disruptive advertising.” Definitely has its place in the mix and really gets your attention. However, I’m also a huge hockey fan and I love the Philadelphia Flyers (why, is a story for another day). I go on their website religiously (except when the lose, which has been often this season) to see insights and reactions and to catch the barometer of the team. But I’m not sure what deal or media buy Ford has with the Flyers but every time I want to load a player interview or switch to the coaches corner or whatever, this God Dam ad comes on for 15 LONG seconds and tells me about their stupid cars, trucks, etc. I DON’T CARE!!! First time, okay— give em credit, it works. But to have to see the same spot (even different ones wouldn’t help) over and over again, anytime I want to reload a video is making me sick. Now I hate FORD and would never buy their product. So take that you marketing geniuses you just lost me forever. Great media buy.


Just testing. And the site is live!

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

New Englanders- don’t you love rapid weather changes? No? Me neither.

This is Danielle. I’m just testing the guest contributer function, and making sure those nifty little icons to your right do their job – which is to link to our facebook page, our twitter, and our youtube. They appear to be behaving, so onto the important news – our new website at www.kaminskybrandgroup.com is LIVE!

The launch was rather delayed, due to some difficult technical issues. Everything is shiny and working now. Lots of big pictures to look at (and click through to view more) and projects to read about. We’ve enabled commenting through disqus. Discussion is encouraged. Spam is most certainly not.

Take a look. Tell us what you think.

About Us

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We are a brand strategy and creative consultancy firm assisting clients in defining or redefining their brand promise. By applying the principles of branding and marketing we create integrated programs to inspire employees and motivate customers. Our systemic approach ensures consistency of message from social media to traditional advertising.

Kaminsky Strategik Design is in the midst of transitioning to Kaminsky Brand Group. Our website should be up and running shortly, but until then, you can see what we are up to on our twitter and facebook fan page.

Multiple authors from Kaminsky will be contributing to this blog – whether we are updating you on site progress, a new project, photos from our flickr, or general design discussion.


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This is our first time on WordPress, forgive the mess. The page will be updated in bits and pieces.

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