I hate March

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

So here we are having come through one of snowiest winters in recent memory just to find ourselves in that dreaded month of March. March, even the sound of repulses me (maybe that’s a little too strong) but what happens in March. It’s still cold, days relatively long, windy, and everything in sight looks dead. What a depressing month! Even the snow looks dead, laced with soot and carbon monoxide. No flowers, no greens, birds, no warm breeze, just stunted, uninterested nowhere’s land, in the middle of nothingsville March. It makes me feel like I’m in this movie and someone has died but can’t decide whether to go to heaven (or hell) or stay on earth. I think they should rename March to “Tweener.” At least it’s descriptive and sounds nicer. Of course you know it will turn cold again— these 60º teasers will only be paid for by biting cold with wind chills of below zero and you can bet your ass we’ll get dumped on again. Winter always gets its last laugh. And to top it off there’s 31 days of it! Not sweet little February with 28 or graceful April with a nice round number— no March just wants to prolong the agony.

At least the Gods of the sports world thought up “March Madness,” and for those of us who like sports and basketball in particular, there’s nothing better than college hoops— some of the most exciting weeks in sports all year. And is March would have it, not much going on in the pro sports world. Season’s coming to and end, a lot of meaningless games (lot of important ones too) but really a whole new season begins when, in April! We’ll all just have to trudge the road of happy destiny till that beautiful little five letter word comes into prominence, April, ahhhh, I’m already warming up. What a beautiful word, what a beautiful sound. And really how many people did you ever know by the name of March? But April, well, ain’t she something? Hope springs eternal.

Just testing. And the site is live!

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

New Englanders- don’t you love rapid weather changes? No? Me neither.

This is Danielle. I’m just testing the guest contributer function, and making sure those nifty little icons to your right do their job – which is to link to our facebook page, our twitter, and our youtube. They appear to be behaving, so onto the important news – our new website at www.kaminskybrandgroup.com is LIVE!

The launch was rather delayed, due to some difficult technical issues. Everything is shiny and working now. Lots of big pictures to look at (and click through to view more) and projects to read about. We’ve enabled commenting through disqus. Discussion is encouraged. Spam is most certainly not.

Take a look. Tell us what you think.

Hatch Awards

October 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

The other night I attended 50 years of Hatch. I hadn’t been in a number of years because my last experience wasn’t that good. No, I’m not talking about winning (didn’t) but it was how I felt. Totally out of place! Not only did I feel old (because I am) but something was missing. Something so intrinsic about the show, the people, the work, the atmosphere. I viewed the entries like always, being inspired and awed at the same time. I ran into people I hadn’t seen in a while, which is what you do at Hatch.

But when the lights went dim, and the sea of humanity absent-mindedly found their seats something was missing. What I came to realize was the constant buzz that was the backdrop of the show were actually human voices. This was no longer Hatch! I had been whirled into a dimension I was unfamiliar with. THIS was a social scene and not only wasn’t I part of the party, I didn’t want to be at this party. Wasn’t I at HATCH? What happened to the work? What happened to the FOCUS being “all about the work?” For God’s sake, I couldn’t even hear the MC through the constant buzz of “something else”.

I started to think of what Hatch used to be. The invitations (still remember that one by Cheryl Heller), the work by Mary More, Craig Walker, Ray Welch, Jon Goward, Ron Lawner, Silverman, Doyle and on and on and on! The greats, the minds, the wits. The anticipation, the pit in your stomach the anxiousness, the nervousness, the thrill of hearing your name, walking up on stage, holding your bowls and screaming at the top of your lungs (to yourself). For one glorious night, for all the late nights, the sweat, the commitment, the disappointment, the baby steps, the “big idea” the PLEASURE, for one glorious night it was HATCH!  It was a night when we celebrated the WORK. Period. End of Story. It was all about the WORK.

The other night I went to HATCH. 50 years of Hatch. The old timers, the memories, the bad jokes it was all about the work. 50 years of great work. 5o years. Didn’t take a wrong turn, didn’t end up in the wrong place or wrong dimension. It was HATCH. HATCH was back. I was back. AND IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE WORK!!! And you know what, I can’t wait for next year. Because what HATCH did for me was inspire me. You inspired me. To get up when I fall, to try again, to shoot for the stars, to be great. Until next year.

a little bit of humility

October 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s funny how life is. One can be so myopic until events, circumstances and experiences humble you. I have been in this business for over three decades (yeah, I’m old, but only numerically) and thought I’ve seen everything. But as I grow older and technology gets newer, the world around us flatter (a.k.a. Thomas Friedman), nothing surprises me anymore. Look, I’m an old school art director who years ago needed a dark room and a stat camera (for those under 30, check out your local museum or wikipedia) just to start my firm!

Back then and even up to several years ago, WYSIWYG!! With all this new stuff, gadgets, pads, pods, twits, tweets, posts, blogs and whatever, hasn’t something been lost? Doesn’t anyone talk anymore? Are we really here when we’re here? And to make things even more interesting or absurd, now I’ve even become the client! And you know something? I don’t like it one bit. Now I know how WE make THEM feel. Even if they’re right, their made to FEEL like their WRONG!

So we’re redoing our website (only taken a decade) and there’s no discussion with the web developer (client fault right?), things are so completely wrong and we are terribly behind schedule. After it’s all said and done, I’m told I have to wait another month before they (the web developer) can even touch it, because their so busy! Well who the heck am I? What happened to good old fashioned customer service when we bent over backwards to make the CLIENT feel important or valued or even happy? Is this the new world? Is this technology at it’s finest?

For God’s sake, when was the last time a kid came out of art school who actually knew what they were doing, was taught relevant skills and learned how to think? And when 5 PM comes around, poof!, you thought their was a rush to get to Filene’s Basement for their wedding gown sale, or at the very least a bomb scare! What in the world are we coming too? Well anyway, I’m still waiting for our website to be finished and thank God I had the sense to request a conference call to finally go over the details of what WE wanted in the hopes there will be no more confusion or delays. So perhaps by the time the pumpkins are ripe, the little ones are full of candy or before the first frost, we will be launching our new site. Please stay tuned.

Does anyone have a good book to read?

New Website

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While our new website is under construction, please visit KSD Boston‘s temporary page to see a few of our projects!

About Us

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We are a brand strategy and creative consultancy firm assisting clients in defining or redefining their brand promise. By applying the principles of branding and marketing we create integrated programs to inspire employees and motivate customers. Our systemic approach ensures consistency of message from social media to traditional advertising.

Kaminsky Strategik Design is in the midst of transitioning to Kaminsky Brand Group. Our website should be up and running shortly, but until then, you can see what we are up to on our twitter and facebook fan page.

Multiple authors from Kaminsky will be contributing to this blog – whether we are updating you on site progress, a new project, photos from our flickr, or general design discussion.


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This is our first time on WordPress, forgive the mess. The page will be updated in bits and pieces.