I hate March

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

So here we are having come through one of snowiest winters in recent memory just to find ourselves in that dreaded month of March. March, even the sound of repulses me (maybe that’s a little too strong) but what happens in March. It’s still cold, days relatively long, windy, and everything in sight looks dead. What a depressing month! Even the snow looks dead, laced with soot and carbon monoxide. No flowers, no greens, birds, no warm breeze, just stunted, uninterested nowhere’s land, in the middle of nothingsville March. It makes me feel like I’m in this movie and someone has died but can’t decide whether to go to heaven (or hell) or stay on earth. I think they should rename March to “Tweener.” At least it’s descriptive and sounds nicer. Of course you know it will turn cold again— these 60º teasers will only be paid for by biting cold with wind chills of below zero and you can bet your ass we’ll get dumped on again. Winter always gets its last laugh. And to top it off there’s 31 days of it! Not sweet little February with 28 or graceful April with a nice round number— no March just wants to prolong the agony.

At least the Gods of the sports world thought up “March Madness,” and for those of us who like sports and basketball in particular, there’s nothing better than college hoops— some of the most exciting weeks in sports all year. And is March would have it, not much going on in the pro sports world. Season’s coming to and end, a lot of meaningless games (lot of important ones too) but really a whole new season begins when, in April! We’ll all just have to trudge the road of happy destiny till that beautiful little five letter word comes into prominence, April, ahhhh, I’m already warming up. What a beautiful word, what a beautiful sound. And really how many people did you ever know by the name of March? But April, well, ain’t she something? Hope springs eternal.


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